At the crux of our organisation : The customer

Our organization is designed to be close to the customer. We aim to be a true partner and to give our customers the support they need in every situation. At jobsites across Europe, dedicated and trained sales teams provide customers with a broad array of services: after-sales service, long-term warranties, call centers, calculation software, etc.


At the crux of our innovations : Job site experience

Because we are in such close contact with our users, we are constantly improving our offers and proposing innovations to meet the actual needs of the construction market. When a need is identified in a particular field, a dedicated, independent team devotes itself to the issue with the objective of making a significant contribution toward a solution.

At the crux of our value-added : A professional distribution network

SPIT products are distributed exclusively by a network of building professional retailers. Partnerships are established with the aim of providing users with high-quality service and ensuring growth in both parties’ sales through a win-win commitment.